Monday, August 13, 2007

cowboys herding cats

Sometimes, on "those" days, I liken parenting to herding cats. My children were asking me about this simile, and as is often the case, a picture is worth a thousand words -- and a YouTube video is worth a hundred thousand. I don't know who EDS is, but I hope their stock goes out the roof.

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Dana said...

That is funny! I feel like that when I go shopping some times. Especially when my husband comes. With me, the kids are used to the routine and rarely wander off. With him, they are used to playing, so they will start wandering. Strange. You'd think it would be easier with the extra adult, wouldn't you?

And funny that you are going to Pike's Peek in a couple weeks. We might be going there next week or the week after! A friend of his from work wants to go so we decided to all go together when their first leg of familiarization are over.